Application Areas

The MATH+ Application Areas are tailored toward mathematical research in interdisciplinary application fields. They support cross-institution research projects that involve mathematicians as well as leading experts of the respective field of application. The following list displays the research projects presently running in the four Application Areas. Successfully completed projects can be found on the subsequent websites of the individual Application Areas.


Projects marked with an asterisk (*) are short-term one-year pilot projects.


Life Sciences (AA1)
Scientists in Charge: Edda Klipp, Frank Noé, Christof Schütte


Materials, Light, Devices (AA2)
Scientists in Charge: Uwe Bandelow, Ralf Kornhuber, Barbara Zwicknagl


Networks (AA3)
Scientists in Charge: Ralf Borndörfer, Martin Skutella


Energy and Markets (AA4)
Scientists in Charge: Peter Karl Friz, René Henrion, Caren Tischendorf