Application Area 2 “Nano and Quantum Technologies”

For the transition from basic research to real-world applications, numerous challenges in the engineering of photonic and quantum technological devices need to be tackled, to which applied mathematics is making valuable contributions. Consistent multi-scale mathematical modeling and robust simulation tools have been indispensable in this process. Emerging applications such as qubits in quantum processors, ultranarrow linewidth lasers, quantum photonic devices and circuits require the extension of state-of-the art approaches by stochastic and data-driven methods as well as optimization. Future research in AA2 will support progress in this field, further strengthening the huge expertise of mathematical research in Berlin in the modeling, simulation and optimization of opto-electronic devices and materials science.

AA2 is focused on mathematical models that involve coupled hierarchies of multiple scales and physical regimes and that require a huge variety of mathematical tools. Typically, models are given by systems of PDEs. Efficient and reliable numerical schemes and analytical results, developed in AA2, are based on sound thermodynamical modeling, in particular the consistent coupling of quantum mechanical and classical descriptions.


Previous denomination of AA2 (2019-2022): Materials, Light, Devices


Projects marked with an asterisk (*) are short-term one-year pilot projects.


Scientists in Charge: Uwe Bandelow, Ralf Kornhuber, Barbara Zwicknagl

AA2 Seminar on Materials, Light, Devices: AA2 Research Seminar


Successfully completed projects: