Celebrating Math

After too long a break, we invite you to celebrate Math with the MATH+ community. As part of the German-wide event series The 7 Greatest Mathematical Adventures, we present a diverse program of talks and activities around the famous Millennium Prize Problem “P versus NP”. We welcome high school students, journalists, mathematicians, and the general public to listen, discuss, and party.

The P versus NP Problem

At the centre of the P vs. NP problem are efficient algorithms, i.e. the question of how quickly computers can solve certain problems. The complexity class P includes all those problems that can be solved efficiently. An example is the calculation of the shortest path, which our smartphone does in a fraction of a second. The NP class also includes all problems for which the validity of a given solution can be checked efficiently. This includes, for example, the traveling salesperson problem, in which a shortest round trip through several places is searched for, for which no efficient algorithm is known so far. The P vs. NP problem asks about the existence or non-existence of such an algorithm, which is equivalent to the question of whether P=NP or P≠NP applies.


9–13 @ Futurium

We invite high schools students, journalists, and the general public to the Futurium. All talks and discussion panels will be held in German.

09:00–09:30  Lecture: Worum geht es bei dem Problem P vs. NP?  |  Martin Skutella (MATH+, TU Berlin), Sarah Morell (BMS, TU Berlin)

09:30–10:30  Lecture: Die Eine-Million-Dollar-Frage: Ist P=NP?  |  Kurt Mehlhorn (MPII Saarbrücken)

10:50–11:30  Journalist Session: Mathematik – Algorithmen – Wahrheit  |  Moderation: Anna Maria Hartkopf (MIP.labor)

11:30–13:00  Decision Theatre: Nachhaltige Mobilität  |  Sarah Wolf (MATH+, FU Berlin)

The program will be accompanied by a small exhibition, where you can experience art made by artificial intelligience and get signed copies of the comic “Ida und der Mathe-Agent oder Eine Geschichte vom Modellieren der Mobilität von Morgen”.

13–20 @ Berlin-Brandenburgische Akademie der Wissenschaften (BBAW)

We especially invite the MATH+ community, our mathematical colleagues, and science journalists to attend the expert talk by Irit Dinur. It will be accompanied by the “What is …?” seminar organized by students of the Berlin Mathematical School (BMS). Afterwards, we honor our recent BMS alumni with a festive certificate ceremony. The evening will be closed with a reception.

The registration for the afternoon session is now closed. However, we invite you to watch the livestream of the “What is…?” Seminar and the MATH+ Friday Colloquium with Irit Dinur.

13:00–13:45  PhD Seminar: What is… a probabilistically checkable proof? |  M. Levent Doğan (BMS, TU Berlin)

14:15–15:30  MATH+ Friday Colloquium: P, NP and Probabilistically Checkable Proofs  |  Irit Dinur (The Weizmann Institute of Science)

16:00–18:00  BMS Certificate Ceremony & MATH+ Dissertation Awards (for MATH+ members & invited guests)

18:00–20:00  Reception (for MATH+ members & invited guests)


Write an email to p-np@mathplus.de.