Application Area 4 “Energy and Markets”

A secure efficient and sustainable energy supply is a key priority for society. The operating environments for energy systems have changed drastically over the past decade and have created a need for fundamental revisions to classical practices in almost all energy sectors. The associated challenges stem from a multitude of different energy sources, including fossil fuels and different types of renewable energies, or energy carriers, such as gas/oil or power networks, different storage devices, including batteries and water reservoirs, and a multitude of energy conversion options, such as power-to-gas or gas-to-heat.


AA4 forms a framework of interdisciplinary teams of mathematicians, scientists, engineers, and economists to develop new mathematical methods for modeling, simulation, optimization, risk analysis and real-time decision-making under uncertainty in energy production/distribution under market conditions. The research topics include energy-based modeling via hierarchies of port-Hamiltonian partial differential algebraic equations, stochastic modeling of intraday electricity markets, equilibria for energy markets under energy transport constraints, rough analysis and deep networks for optimal control in energy markets, analysis and simulation of stochastic partial differential algebraic equations, optimization with implicit probabilistic constraints and a numerical treatment of Maxwell’s equations for isolated optical sources and scatterers in periodic environments to optimize solar fuel devices.


Scientists in Charge: Peter Karl Friz, René Henrion, Caren Tischendorf


Successfully completed projects: