Research Archive

Transition Projects (2019)

The following former ECMath research projects were being continued until the end of 2019 with the aim to re-bundle research activities and possibly integrate them into the MATH+ research agenda:


Clinical Research and Health Care (CH)

  • CH12: Advanced Magnetic Resonance Imaging: Fingerprinting and Geometric Quantification
                Michael Hintermüller
  • CH14: Understanding cell trajectories with sparse similarity learning
                Tim Conrad, Gitta Kutyniok, Christof Schütte
  • CH15: Analysis of Empirical Shape Trajectories
                Hans-Christian Hege, Tim J. Sullivan, Christian von Tycowicz
  • CH17: Hybrid reaction-diffusion / Markov-state model of systems with many interacting molecules
                Frank Noé, Christof Schütte
  • CH18: Boundary-Sensitive Hodge Decompositions
                Konrad Polthier
  • CH20: Stochasticity Driving Robust Pattern Formation in Brain Wiring
                 Max von Kleist, Martin Weiser
  • CH21: Data-Driven Modelling of Cellular Processes and beyond
                Tim Conrad, Stefan Klus, Christof Schütte


Metropolitan Infrasctructure (MI)

  • MI-CH1: Robust Optimization of Load Balancing in the Operating Theatre
                    Guillaume Sagnol
  • MI7:   Routing Structures and Periodic Timetabling
               Ralf Borndörfer
  • MI8:   Understanding and Improving Traffic with Unknown Demands
               Max Klimm
  • MI10: Acyclic network flows
               Benjamin Hiller, Thorsten Koch, Martin Skutella
  • MI12: Dynamic Models and Algorithms for Equilibria in Traffic Networks
               Martin Skutella


Optical Technologies (OT)

  • OT9:   From single photon sources to tailored multi-photon states
               Sven Burger, Frank Schmidt
  • OT10: Model Reduction for Nonlinear Parameter-Dependent Eigenvalue Problems in Photonic Crystals
               Volker Mehrmann


Sustainable Energies (SE)

  • SE17: Stochastic methods for the analysis of lithium-ion batteries
               Jean-Dominique Deuschel, Peter Friz, Clemens. Guhlke, Manuel Landstorfer
  • SE18: Models for heat and charge-carrier flow in organic electronics
               Annegret Glitzky, Matthias Liero
  • SE23: Multilevel adaptive sparse grids for parametric stochastic simulation models of charge transport
                Sebastian Matera


Education and Outreach (EO)

  • EO2: Fostering Multipliers’ Noticing of Teachers’ Mathematics Learning by Means of Video Examples (NoTe)
              Bettina Rösken-Winter, Jürg Kramer