Translation of research results and knowledge transfer into industry and society are important objectives for MATH+. They will be achieved through a series of measures ranging from specific Transfer Units designed for joint research with industry to special programs of the MATH+ science communication unit. MATH+ transfer activities will further develop MATHEON‘s very successful activities and further invigorate the special strength of Berlin mathematics in this area.


The Berlin-based Research Center MATHEON “Mathematics for Key Technologies”, founded in 2002, has maintained a pioneering role in the development of modeling, simulation, and optimization for real world processes in all key technology areas. Its success stories in translation of research showcase the relevance of mathematics for innovation in industry, economy and science. These activities will be continued within the framework of MATH+.

Transfer Units

While MATH+ Application Areas and Emerging Fields aim at knowledge transfer into their respective application areas, the goal of MATH+ Transfer Units (TrU) is the translation of research results into industry and society, mainly through the development of prototypes or demonstrators based on basic research in other MATH+ research units. MATH+ funded projects in TrUs will be complemented by associated projects that will not be funded via MATH+, but via additional grants from private cooperation partners, typically from commerce or industry. They do not aim at off-the-shelf development, but tackle basic research questions.


At first, MATH+ started two Transfer Units:


  • Morphological Scoring of Disease States — Learning from Large Anatomical Databases
    Stefan Zachow, Georg Duda


  • Demand modelling and control for e-commerce using RKHS transfer operator approaches
    Stefan Klus, Tim J. Sullivan

Research Campus MODAL

MODAL resulted from a national competition in which the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) awarded nine public–private partnerships. The initiative supports long-term projects that bring academic and industrial researchers together in one place. The Berlin-based MODAL is the only one of these partnerships centered on mathematics. It comprises fourteen industry partners, several network partners, and research partners form the Berlin mathematics landscape. The framework established by MODAL will be open to the entire MATH+ Community as a platform for transfer to industry.