Transforming the World

through Mathematics



3 November – Workshop “Mathematics and Industry”

Mathematics graduates have many career options and opportunities, which will be presented at this workshop. The event is aimed at students in particular and is free of charge. A few parts of the workshop will be held in German. Registration is necessary.

7 July – Christian Kuehn: Multiscale Dynamics: From Finite to Infinite

In this last talk of the summer semester, Kuehn will first provide an introduction to multiple time scale dynamics and then outline several recent advances for fast-slow PDEs. Christian Kuehn is professor of Mathematics at the Technical University of Munich (TUM). After the talk, the MATH+ community is welcome to join the MATH+ Dissertation Award ceremony and the MATH+ Summer Party at FU Berlin...

9 June – Sven Raum: Operator algebraic group theory

This talk is an invitation to modern aspects of the interaction of group theory and operator algebras. It focuses on simplicity and decomposition results for various algebras arising from groups and their interpretation in representation theoretic terms. Sven Raum is professor for algebra at the University of Potsdam.

12 May – Anja Schlömerkemper: Various Structures in Mathematics of Materials

This event will be the 30th edition of the MATH+ Kovalevskaya Colloquium, and we will come together to celebrate the International Women in Mathematics Day on 12 May in collaboration with CRC 1114. In many materials, interesting structures can be observed on various scales. Modeling and investigation of their properties results in challenging mathematical problems, which involve for instance mini...
Mathematisches Wuerfelspiel

06. Mai – MATH+ beim “Tag der Mathematik” @HU Berlin

Am 6. Mai 2023 wird der Berliner "Tag der Mathematik" an der Humboldt-Universität stattfinden. MATH+ wird mit einem Informationsstand zu Forschungs- und Schulaktivitäten, mit vielen mathematischen Spielen und der Vorstellung des Projektes "Schule@DecisionTheatreLab" dabei sein. Wir freuen uns auf Ihren Besuch!