Transforming the World

through Mathematics



2 December – Bruno Klingler: Hodge theory, between algebraicity and transcendence

This talk aims to show how tame geometry, whose idea was introduced by Grothendieck in the 1980s as a generalization of real semi-algebraic geometry and developed by model theorist as o-minimal geometry, appears as a natural framework to control this transcendence. Bruno Klingler has been an Einstein professor for algebra at Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin since 2017. He was awarded an ERC Advanc...

2. Dezember – Mathenacht aus Berlin, Bonn und Münster

Wissenschaftler*innen der Mathematik-Exzellenzcluster MATH+ aus Berlin, Hausdorff Center for Mathematics der Uni Bonn und Mathematik Münster der Uni Münster zeigen in anschaulichen Workshops und Vorträgen, wie vielfältig und faszinierend Mathematik ist. Mit dabei sind die MATH+ Mitglieder Dr. Niels Lindner (ZIB), Prof. Dr. Andrea Walther (HU Berlin) und Prof. Dr. Martin Skutella (TU Berlin).

18 November – MATH Day 2022

On 18 November, the next MATH+ Day will take place in person again at TU Berlin! We’ll start with the General Assembly (GA) in TU’s main building: besides the Chair report, a new Chair and Board will be elected. Afterwards, we’ll move to the Math Building for the coffee break and the workshops to determine the potential for possible new Emerging Fields. We’ll have the poster session of all o...