Transforming the World

through Mathematics



14 January – Jürgen Jost: Mathematics for exploring chemical space

Chemical space, as of today, consists of more than 20 million substances linked by more than 40 million reactions. In an ongoing project, Jost is developing mathematical tools for analyzing this structure and its dynamics. Jürgen Jost has been director and permanent member of the Max Planck Institute for Mathematics in the Sciences in Leipzig since 1996.

17 December – Valentin Blomer: Analysis on arithmetic manifolds

The talk gives an introduction to the analysis on arithmetic manifolds and presents classical techniques, a variety of applications and new directions in the sup-norm problem. Valentin Blomer is professor of mathematics at the University of Bonn. His area of research is analytic number theory and automorphic forms.

3 December – Marcos Mariño: A deal with the devil: making sense of divergent series

According to a well-known dictum of Niels Henrik Abel, divergent series are the devil’s invention. In spite of that (or because of that), they appear in many different situations in physics and mathematics. This talk will first review some important examples of divergent series and then show that there is a hidden and rich mathematical structure associated to them. Marcos Mariño is a Professor of...