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AI / Trust in PC / 3D Printing – Meet MATH+ Research @ Urania Berlin

In the lecture series MATHINSIDE, scientists from the Cluster of Excellence MATH+ give exciting insights into their research work and the application areas of mathematics. MATHInside is especially aimed at pupils of 10th grade and higher. The program today: Machine Learning and AI / Do you still trust in your PC? / Mathematical Basics of 3D Printing

Breaking the Walls of Ignorance

On November 18 and 19, an international Colloquium celebrates Rupert Klein’s 60th Birthday at Zuse Institute Berlin. Congratulations! Rupert Klein is Professor for Numerical Fluid Mechanics at FU Berlin and member of the MATH+ Board. His research interests are in the fields of atmosphere flows, combustion gas dynamics, multi-scale analysis and numerical fluid mechanics.

Nov 08 – Samuel Payne: Tropical curves, graph homology, and top weight cohomology of M_g

In his talk, Payne will discuss the topology of a space of stable tropical curves of genus g with volume 1. The reduced rational homology of this space is canonically identified with the top weight cohomology of the moduli space M_g the moduli space and also with the homology of Kontsevich's graph complex. As one application, he will show that H^{4g-6}(M_g) is nonzero for infinitely many g.

Nov 06 – MATH+ @ Berlin Science Week

On Nov 01, the 4th Berlin Science Week will kick off. For ten days, scientists from Berlin and around the world will present their research and discuss it with each other and with the public. MATH+ is part of that event: 01 Nov, 7 p.m. - Science Slam - Science Rocks! With Max Klimm! 06 Nov, 10:00-11:30 am, Panel Discussion Mathematics for Artificial Intelligence: New Chances and Challenges

Dana Scott: Geometry without Points

Ever since the compilers of Euclid's Elements gave the "definitions" that "a point is that which has no part" and "a line is breadthless length", philosophers and mathematicians have worried that the basic concepts of geometry are too abstract and too idealized. In the 20th century writers such as Husserl, Lesniewski, Whitehead, Tarski, Blumenthal, and von Neumann have proposed "pointless" approac...
Events-Opening Conference TES2-2019

07-11 October 2019: Conference on Algebraic Geometry – Varieties, Polyhedra, Computation

The Opening Conference of the 2nd Thematic Einstein Semester takes place at Arnimallee 22 (Lecture Hall A) on the campus of the Freie Universität Berlin. Over the past decade, algebraic geometry has found applications in computer science, biology, and engineering, in optimization and statistics. There has been dramatic progress in our ability to practically solve polynomial systems numerically –...