Transforming the World

through Mathematics



11 Dec – Amie Wilkinson: Symmetry and asymmetry in dynamics

In classical mechanics, symmetry occurs for a reason: there is a conserved quantity such as angular momentum. This is Noether’s theorem, and it points to a broader theme in dynamics that symmetry is rare and meaningful. Wilkinson will discuss, in the contexts of modern dynamics and geometry, how this theme recurs in beautiful ways. Amie Wilkinson is a professor at the University of Chicago.

06 November – Math+ Day

On 06 November 2020, we will hold the second MATH+ Day. Due to COVID19 restrictions the presentations of the research activities in the Cluster of Excellence MATH+ will take place online. With the annual MATH+ Day we want to provide an information and networking opportunity for all members. Here, all projects can present themselves and all MATH+ members can learn about ongoing research activiti...

June 26 – Edriss S. Titi: Mathematics of Turbulent Flows: A Million-Dollar Problem!

Turbulence is a classical physical phenomenon that has been a great challenge to mathematicians, physicists, engineers, and computational scientists. At the end of the last century, chaos theory was developed to explore similar phenomena that occur in a wide range of applied sciences, but the eyes have always been on the big ball – turbulence. Controlling and identifying the onset of turbulence ca...

Feb 7 – Petra Schwer: Building Bridges between Geometry and Algebra

Groups like GL_n, SL_n or SP_n play an important role in many areas of mathematics. Some of their properties  (when studied over the real or complex numbers) are best understood via the associated symmetric spaces. Later buildings were introduced to study the respective groups over other fields.  This theory also captures reductive groups over non-archimedian local fields with discrete valuation,...