Emerging Fields

The Emerging Fields are devoted to pioneering interdisciplinary research in new fields including the social sciences and humanities. The following list displays the research projects presently running in the five Emerging Fields. Successfully completed projects can be found on the subsequent websites of the individual Emerging Fields.


Projects marked with an asterisk (*) are short-term one-year pilot projects.


Extracting Dynamical Laws from Complex Data (EF1)
Scientists in Charge: Klaus-Robert Müller, Sebastian Pokutta, Markus Reiß


Digital Shapes (EF2)
Scientists in Charge: Alexander Bobenko, Hans-Christian Hege


Model-Based Imaging (EF3)
Scientists in Charge: Michael Hintermüller, Vladimir Spokoiny, Gabriele Steidl


Particles and Agents (EF4)
Scientists in Charge: Christian Bayer, Wolfgang König, Nicolas Perkowski


Concepts of Change in Historical Processes (EF5)
Scientists in Charge: Nataša Djurdjevac Conrad, Friederike Fless, Rupert Klein