Transforming the World

through Mathematics


In our daily lives, we are surrounded by high-tech: we use smartphones and computers to network with the world, move by car, train or plane, and we benefit from highly developed medical devices and drugs.

In all those areas of life and science, we observe accelerated technological development and growing complexity, not least because of the ever-increasing amounts of data that are becoming available. Their efficient and knowledge-based processing is one of the keys for scientific progress, innovation and information-based decisions.

Without mathematics, all this would not be possible: With its capacity for abstraction, mathematics has the great power to uncover hidden laws behind complex contexts and data. It is a key driver for progress in the areas that shape our future: from life and health sciences to new concepts and materials for sustainable energy supply to deeply understanding processes of innovation, migration or climate change.


Thus we believe in transforming the world through mathematics.

Which makes math more exciting and closer to life than often thought.


This is our message from MATH+, where scientists are conducting outstanding research in application-oriented mathematics, in close cooperation with colleagues from various other disciplines and partners in industry, health care and society.


We invite you to discover the fascinating world of application-driven mathematics.


For representatives of the media

  • We connect you to experts from the pool of our approximately 200 scientists for telephone interviews or personal encounters.
  • We are happy to arrange your visit to our participating institutes.
  • We provide you with information about MATH+ and its research: on our web pages, through news and press releases, and in a personal conversation.


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Beate Rogler

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