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Berlin Mathematics Research Center

MATH+, the Berlin Mathematics Research Center, is a cross-institutional and transdisciplinary Cluster of Excellence. It sets out to explore and further develop new approaches in application-oriented mathematics. Emphasis is placed on mathematical principles for using ever larger amounts of data in life and material sciences, in energy and network research, and in the humanities and social sciences.


MATH+ is funded by the DFG for a first period of seven years since January 2019. It is a joint project of the three major universities in Berlin – Freie Universität Berlin, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, and Technische Universität Berlin – as well as the Weierstrass Institute for Applied Analysis and Stochastics (WIAS) and the Zuse Institute Berlin (ZIB). MATH+ continues the success stories of the renowned Research Center MATHEON and the Excellence-Graduate School Berlin Mathematical School (BMS).



New Berlin-Oxford Research Training Group on Stochastics based at BMS

The German Research Foundation DFG supports a new Research Training Group on “Stochastic Analysis in Interaction” based in Berlin and Oxford with 3.9 Mio Euro for 4.5 years. It will be part of BMS and MATH+. In April 2020, 13 PhD students will start their research in Berlin, about the same number of students in Oxford. Chairs are Prof. Peter Bank (TU Berlin) and Prof. Terry Lyons (Oxford Universit...

Register now for the MATH Advent Calendars: Save the World with the MATH Gnomes

Those who want to combat climate change, plan environmentally friendly traffic or master artificial intelligence need mathematics. Students, teachers and anyone interested can experience this by participating in the digital Math Advent Calendars. Starting on December 1, the daily math puzzles guarantee fun at thinking, discovering and exploring beyond everyday school life.



Dec 13 – Math+ Day

On 13th December 2019, the first MATH+ Day will take place in Urania Berlin. The research activities in the Cluster of Excellence MATH+ are manifold. With the annual MATH+ Day we want to provide an information and networking opportunity for all members. Here, all projects can present themselves and all MATH+ members can learn about ongoing research activities. By getting to know what’s going on in...

Nov 29 – Barbara Zwicknagl: Mathematical variations on pattern formation in smart materials

In her talk, Barbara Zwicknagl will discuss energy-driven pattern formation in materials by the example of shape memory alloys, which constitute a fascinating class of smart materials. These materials "remember" their original shape: Even if they are deformed at low temperature they return to their original memorized shape when heated above a critical temperature. This effect is based on a solid-s...

AI / Trust in PC / 3D Printing – Meet MATH+ Research @ Urania Berlin

In the lecture series MATHINSIDE, scientists from the Cluster of Excellence MATH+ give exciting insights into their research work and the application areas of mathematics. MATHInside is especially aimed at pupils of 10th grade and higher. The program today: Machine Learning and AI / Do you still trust in your PC? / Mathematical Basics of 3D Printing
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