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MATH+ Hanna Neumann Fellowships

Named after the outstanding Berlin mathematician, Hanna Neumann, who made key contributions in group theory, two MATH+ Hanna Neumann Fellowships are advertised and awarded annually to female postdoctoral researchers in recognition of outstanding work: one is awarded to an early career researcher based in Berlin and provides funding for a research stay abroad, or for inviting key collaborators for up to six months; the other is given to a junior female researcher from abroad and can be used to fund visits to MATH+ for up to six months.

Call for Applications 2024


About Hanna Neumann

Hanna Neumann (1914-1971) was born in Berlin and forced to leave Germany in 1938. Her son Peter Neumann, also a mathematician, remembers not only her distinguished career but also her exciting life in a talk at Gresham College: “Hanna Neumann: A Mathematician in Difficult Times”.  Hanna Neumann’s family was delighted that MATH+ chose to name a fellowship to support young women mathematicians after her.


Hanna Neumann Fellows

2021: Nicole Mücke and Marta Panizzut

2022: Ana Djurdjevac and Katharina Jochemko

2024: Zahra Mokhtari


Interviews with the Hanna Neumann Fellows

Hanna Neumann Fellows 2021: Nicole Mücke and Marta Panizzut.

They talked about their career paths, the support and the problems they experienced, how to combine family and career in sciences, and their passion for mathematics.

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Hanna Neumann Fellows 2022: Ana Djurdjevac, Katharina Jochemko.

Both BMS alumni described their PhD experiences in a large graduate school. They talked about who their career choices influenced, the importance of collaborations within the math community as well as working multi-disciplinary, and what recommendations they have for young mathematicians.

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Hanna Neumann Fellow 2024: Zahra Mokhtari.

In the interview with MATH+, Zahra Mokhtari discussed her career journey in Iran, Canada, and Göttingen, her supporters, and the individuals who influenced her career and passion for physics and mathematics. She shared how she was inspired by the achievements of Fields Medal winner Maryam Mirzakhani, who, like herself, attended the same school in Tehran. Zahra also elaborated on her current research and offered advice to young female researchers regarding career choices and network building.

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