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Science Publication on “Self-organization: Is That How You Build a Brain?”

Science Publication: “Self-Organization – Is That How You Build a Brain?”

An interdisciplinary research team involving neurobiologists and mathematicians at Freie Universität Berlin set out to investigate, both biologically and mathematically, the fundamental mechanisms that determine neuronal wiring. Their results have recently been published in “Science.” They showed that “neural superposition wiring” is determined through self-organization.
MATH+ JRGL Anna Maria Hartkopf

Anna Maria Hartkopf – New MATH+ Independent Junior Research Group Leader

MATH+ is delighted to announce that Anna Maria Hartkopf has assumed her position as the new Independent Junior Research Group Leader for “Science Communication on Mathematics” at FU Berlin in March 2024. She also leads the MIP.labor, an ideas workshop for science journalism at FU Berlin, which was founded in 2020 and has been affiliated with MATH+ since March 2024.

26. Januar – Festliche Preisverleihung der Mathekalender 2023

Am Freitag, den 26.01.2024, fand die feierliche Preisverleihung der Mathekalender 2023 von MATH+ und Mathe in Leben in Berlin an der Freien Universität statt. Es war wieder ein großartiges Spektakel mit über 700 glücklichen Gewinner*innen, die voller Stolz ihre Preise abholten und mit uns ein Fest der Mathematik mit Musikband, Spiele-Bazar und Science Slam feierten.
Interview with MATH+ Distinguished Fellow Michael Joswig

Interview with MATH+ Distinguished Fellow Michael Joswig

Michael Joswig was honored with the MATH+ Distinguished Fellow award by the Excellence Cluster MATH+ at the end of 2023. In the interview, he discusses his journey into mathematics, the specific topics that fascinate him, and how, following a MATH+ research project, NASA even reached out and expressed interest in the results.