Transforming the World

through Mathematics


The MATH+ Spotlight talks aim to strengthen the connections between ongoing research projects in MATH+ and keep MATH+ members up to date with what’s currently happening in the Cluster. They are meant to foster relations between and across Applications Areas and Emerging Fields as well as Incubator and Transfer projects. At the same idea, BMS Phase I students can get ideas for their dissertation topics. In each talk, the (post) doctoral researchers from the projects shine a spotlight onto their scientific work.

What: A 30 min talk from and about one of the MATH+ projects + 15 min of Q&A
When: Wednesdays at 12:00 (noon)
How often: Every two weeks during lecture time
Where:  Online

Schedule for the summer semester 2022:

27 April: Guillaume Sagnol (MATH+ Junior Research Group Leader): Optimizing the operation theatre
11 May: Henri Elad Altman (Dirichlet Postdoc): Long-time behaviour of additive functionals of rough stochastic processes through local times 
01 June: Fabian Telschow (MATH+ Junior Research Group Leader) EF3-10: True Excursion Discovery Inference for Imaging Data
15 June: Johannes ZonkerEF5-1: Mathematical modeling of spatio-temporal population dynamics
29 June: Letícia Mattos (Dirichlet Postdoc): Clique packings in random graphs
13 July: David Martínez-Rubio (EF1-14): Fast Algorithms for Packing Proportional Fairness and its Dual


Schedule for the winter semester 2021/22:

27 October: Zeno SchätzleAA2-8: Deep Backflow for Accurate Solution of the Electronic Schrödinger Equation

10 November: Paul HagerAA4-2: Optimal Control in Energy Markets Using Rough Analysis and Deep Networks

24 November: Felipe GalarceEF3-9: Mathematical Framework for MR Poroelastography

08 December: Felix GüntherEF2-1: Smooth Discrete Surfaces

12 January: Marvin LückeEF4-8: Concentration Effects and Collective Variables in Agent-Based Systems

26 January: Jonathan Leake (Dirichlet Postdoc): Approximate Counting and Volume via Entropy Optimization

09 February: Maximilian Engel (MATH+ Junior Research Group Leader)Synchronization and Chaos for Random Systems: General insights and application to chemical reaction models


Schedule for the summer semester 2021:

21 April: Luzie HelfmannEF4-2: Understanding Tipping and Other Dynamical Transitions in Systems Containing Human Agents

05 May: Kostas PapafitsorosEF3-5: Direct Reconstruction of Biophysical Parameters Using Dictionary Learning and Robust Regularization

19 May: Daniel Schmidt genannt WaldschmidtAA3-6: Stochastic Scheduling with Restricted Adaptivity

02 June: Michael Quellmalz – EF3-6: Deformation Based Regularization of Inverse Problems on Manifolds

16 June: Mattes MollenhauerAA 1-2: Learning Transition Manifolds and Effective Dynamics of Biomolecules

30 June: Antonia ChmielaEF1-9: Adaptive Algorithms through Machine Learning: Exploiting Interactions in Integer Programming

14 July: Markus Kantner: AA2-13: Modelling and Optimization of Semiconductor Lasers for Quantum Metrology Applications