Transforming the World

through Mathematics


Outreach and science communication are an integral part of the MATH+ mission, seen not only in terms of public relations for the Center and for mathematics, but as an obligation to transfer knowledge as widely as possible. Through a rich variety of outreach activities, MATH+ serves society at large, and schools in particular, by creating opportunities for experiencing the excitement of mathematics as a whole and the relevance of mathematical research.


An overarching goal is to create transparency for the whole research process at MATH+. This starts with the communication of the MATH+ research agenda as well as concrete research questions and projects. Research progress is shown, and, as far as is possible, opportunities for participation in “research being carried out” are created. In addition, an awareness of the “political” aspects of application-oriented mathematical research is created: Research, and in particular data-related research, must be transparent, it has to reflect on – and work for – open access to research and open availability of data.


We invite you to explore the fascinating world of application-driven mathematics. Emphasis is placed on mathematical principles for using ever larger amounts of data in life and material sciences, in energy and network research, and in the humanities and social sciences.


For representatives of the media:

Do you want to learn more about the application-oriented research at MATH+? We can connect you with our cluster’s experts, provide press materials and photos, and arrange visits to our institutes. We also recommend watching our brief introduction videos on our YouTube channel for a concise overview.

Please get in touch with our Public Relations Manager, Beate Rogler, for further assistance and have a look at our past news reports and newsletters.

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Outreach Events

Welcome to our exciting outreach events, where we invite you to the captivating world of mathematics! Our goal is to inspire curiosity and passion for mathematics among enthusiasts and learners of all ages. We are committed to sharing our research and innovations with the public and attracting potential talents into the fascinating world of mathematical research.


Please visit our events page to find information on upcoming outreach-related events such as the “Long Nights of the Sciences,” the “Berlin Science Week,” the “Mathenacht,” and more.

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School Activities

Welcome to our School Activities! Reaching out to students and teachers is an essential objective of MATH+. We are thrilled to offer engaging and educational experiences designed to spark curiosity and foster interest in mathematics among students.

By organizing numerous activities such as the MATHINSIDE talks, we want them to experience the fascinating variety of mathematics and give insights into the latest research developments.

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Utilizing application-oriented mathematics, the School@DecisionTheatreLab project aims to bring together high school students and scientists to explore important social issues, such as sustainable mobility or the spreading of infectious diseases.

Through interactive workshops in math and information science, as well as immersive experiences in the Decision Theatre, both students and scientists engage in mutual learning: students gain valuable insights into mathematical modeling from the latest research, while scientists benefit from student feedback to improve the innovative format. Moreover, discussions among students help to raise awareness of relevant societal issues.

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Math Advent Calendar

Each December, MATH+ offers a challenge to high school students, university students, teachers, and anyone interested in solving tricky mathematical puzzles: The MATH+ Advent Calendar.


The MATH+ Advent Calendar features 24 puzzles that are available in both German and English. These puzzles are created by MATH+ scientists and their colleagues from the Dutch initiative 4TU.AMI, drawing inspiration from their research. They are designed in an enjoyable and engaging way that illustrates the fascinating, creative, and useful aspects of mathematics.

Those who put in the most effort and complete all puzzles will have a chance to win one of several fantastic prizes. The festive award ceremony is held in January in Berlin.


Please visit the MATH+ Advent Calendar website to get more information.