Transforming the World

through Mathematics


Outreach and science communication are an integral part of the MATH+ mission, seen not only in terms of public relations for the Center and for mathematics, but as an obligation to transfer knowledge as widely as possible. Through a rich variety of outreach activities, MATH+ serves society at large, and schools in particular, by creating opportunities for experiencing the excitement of mathematics as a whole and the relevance of mathematical research.


An overarching goal is to create transparency for the whole research process at MATH+. This starts with the communication of the MATH+ research agenda as well as concrete research questions and projects. Research progress is shown, and, as far as is possible, opportunities for participation in “research being carried out” are created. In addition, an awareness of the “political” aspects of application-oriented mathematical research is created: Research, and in particular data-related research, must be transparent, it has to reflect on – and work for – open access to research and open availability of data.