Application Area 1 “Mechanisms of Life”

In recent years, there has been a revolution in the capability to measure and observe the processes of life on many temporal and spatial scales. Simultaneously, our ability to perform extensive simulations of molecular, cellular, and tissue-scale processes has substantially improved and will continue to do so.

Math-centered research in Berlin is internationally leading in the field of data-based simulation of molecular mechanisms of life and their integration into cellular processes.

AA1 is focused on extending this expertise towards spatiotemporal modeling and simulation across the molecular and cellular scales, from pushing time-scale and accuracy barriers via new AI-based quantum dynamics and integration of transfer-operator based techniques with machine learning to spatio-temporal hybrid models coupling molecular with extra- and intra-cellular processes.

Projects in AA1 target seamless integration of new mathematical approaches with incorporation of experimental data, massive simulation, and/or large-scale data analysis, and contribute to finding new strategies in relevant real-world applications like drug design or targeting virus entry.


Previous denomination of AA1 (2019-2022): Life Sciences


Projects marked with an asterisk (*) are short-term one-year pilot projects.


Scientists in Charge: Edda Klipp, Frank Noé, Christof Schütte


Successfully completed projects: