Transforming the World

through Mathematics


MATH+ has established the following standing committees:


1. Research Project Committee
assists the Board in matters regarding project evaluation and selection:


Michael Hintermüller, HU Berlin and WIAS
Ralf Kornhuber, FU Berlin
Volker Mehrmann, TU Berlin
Sebastian Pokutta, TU Berlin and ZIB
Holger Reich, FU Berlin
Claudia Schillings, FU Berlin
Christof Schütte, FU Berlin and ZIB
Martin Skutella, TU Berlin
Gabriele Steidl, TU Berlin
Caren Tischendorf, HU Berlin
Max von Kleist, FU Berlin
Andrea Walther, HU Berlin
Barbara Zwicknagl, HU Berlin

2. BMS Committee
is responsible for the management of the BMS including structured graduate programs, student admission, and postdoc program:


Holger Reich, FU Berlin (Chair)
Gavril Farkas, HU Berlin (Deputy Chair)

John M. Sullivan, TU Berlin (Deputy Chair)
Peter Bank, TU Berlin
Tim Conrad, ZIB
Volker John, WIAS
Max Klimm, TU Berlin
Bruno Klingler, HU Berlin
Heike Siebert, FU Berlin
Tibor Szabó, FU Berlin
Barbara Zwicknagl, HU Berlin
Postdoctoral Representatives
Student Representatives

3. Mentoring, Gender & Diversity Committee
coordinates the MATH+ gender equality and diversity agenda together with the MATH+ Gender Taskforce:


Ralf Kornhuber, FU Berlin (Chair)
Antje Bahnik, TU Berlin, Central Women’s and Gender Equality Officer
Dirk Becherer, HU Berlin
Dominic Bunnett, TU Berlin
Ana Đurđevac, FU Berlin
Tanja Fagel, MATH+ Office
Thomas Krämer, HU Berlin
Annika Preuß-Vermeulen, MATH+ Office
John M. Sullivan, TU Berlin
Elisa Tonello, FU Berlin
Barbara Wagner, WIAS
Andrea Walther, HU Berlin
Nadja Wisniewski, MATH+ Office
Two Student Representatives

4. Topic Development Committee
assists the Board in all aspects regarding the work of the Topic Development Lab including selection and evaluation of the Thematic Einstein Semesters:


Tim Conrad, FU Berlin
Jens Eisert, FU Berlin
Max Klimm, HU Berlin
Jürg Kramer, HU Berlin
Alexander Mielke, WIAS
Holger Reich, FU Berlin
Markus Reiß, HU Berlin
Barbara Zwicknagl, HU Berlin