Application Area 3 “Networks”

Next generation networks with their abundance of real-time data represent a prime example of how increasing digitization raises the technological and social need of progressing mathematization. The wealth of interconnections between formerly mostly independent entities is creating new and complex network structures and fundamentally changing the way in which existing networks (such as, e.g., traffic, logistics, telecommunication, energy, biological, and social networks) can be analyzed, designed and operated, what users expect, and how they behave and interact.


Research in AA3 addresses these challenges and develops the necessary mathematical foundations and efficient algorithmic techniques for dealing with next generation networks that are large and complex, changing and evolving over time, and can often not be observed directly or in their entirety. This requires, in particular, innovation in discrete applied mathematics, efficient algorithms, and related fields.


Projects marked with an asterisk (*) are short-term one-year pilot projects.


Scientists in Charge: Ralf Borndörfer, Martin Skutella


Successfully completed projects: