Transforming the World through Mathematics

The Berlin Mathematics Research Center MATH+ sets out to advance mathematics itself and its interdisciplinary power with the aim of achieving progress on grand challenges in a wide variety of application fields – from sustainable energy supply to individualized medicine to analyzing and understanding social processes.

Simplifying Complex Systems! A brief and general introduction of MATH+ with presentations of selected research areas:

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Problems originating in the growing complexity of technology and society require that application- oriented mathematics – with its focus on modeling, simulation, and optimization (MSO) for key technologies – be raised to a new level. For this, MATH+ augments technology-driven MSO approaches through the development of new mathematical perspectives on the vast amounts of data that are becoming available.

The short film introduces the Berlin Mathematics Research Center MATH+. In addition, young MATH+ scientists describe what MATH+ stands for and which research projects they are working on.

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Strengthen the Power of Mathematics

This is essential to further exploit the strength of mathematics for a wide range of important applications: mathematics is able to uncover the hidden principles that lie behind complex systems, thereby enabling deeper insights, improved predictions, and information-based decisions. Not only will MATH+ make a difference for industry and society, but it will also advance mathematics itself: novel fields of application pose a multitude of new challenges for mathematical abstraction, methods, and problem solving, thereby involving innovative approaches from the entire spectrum of mathematics.


Excellent Berlin Research Collaboration

To achieve these ambitious goals, MATH+ is–on the one side–based on the active and close collaboration of researchers at the mathematics institutes of the universities FU Berlin, HU Berlin, and TU Berlin, as well as at the non-university institutes Weierstrass Institute for Applied Analysis and Stochastics (WIAS) and Zuse Institute Berlin (ZIB). On the other side, the mathematicians are closely collaborating with leading specialists and research institutions from diverse application fields in the rich and excellent Berlin research landscape as well as with international partners.


Training and Outreach

Integral to the MATH+ mission is the research training and education of talented young researchers at various qualification levels for career paths both inside and outside academia. As our graduate school, the Berlin Mathematical School (BMS) provides a wide spectrum of mathematical courses, complemented by comprehensive mentoring, training, and networking offers. A special focus is on gender and diversity.
Transforming the world through mathematics implies the transfer of knowledge to industry and to society at large, including schools and the general public.


Growing on a solid Basis

The structure of MATH+ integrates and merges the Research Center Matheon , which was funded from 2002 to 2014 by the DFG and subsequently by the Einstein Center for Mathematics ECMath until 2018, and the Berlin Mathematical School (BMS), a large mathematics graduate school funded by the DFG in the Excellence Initiative since 2006.


Interview with Martin Skutella, MATH+ Chair, about MATH+

In a MATH+ interview, Martin Skutella talked about the first years of MATH+, its history and development, the challenging start, and the goals MATH+ wants to pursue. The interviews were conducted online on two days in German and English.