EF45 – Multi-Agent Complex Systems



Data Transmission in Dynamical Random Networks

Project Heads

Benedikt Jahnel

Project Members

Julia Hörrmann

Project Duration

01.01.2024 – 31.12.2025

Located at



An overwhelming need for data transmission in a globalised world calls for massive innovations in the design of future networks. The project aims to contribute to this via the rigorous analysis of detection and contact times in complex networks featuring
realistic mobility and multifaceted sources of randomness.

Selected Publications

B. Jahnel, L. Lüchtrath, M. Ortgiese, Cluster sizes in subcritical soft Boolean models,

Preprint available at arxiv:2404.13730

B. Jahnel, U. Rozikov, Gibbs measures for hardcore-SOS models on Cayley trees,

Preprint available at arxiv:2404.03297

P.P. Ghosh, B. Jahnel, S.K. Jhawar, Large and moderate deviations in Poisson navigations,

Preprint available at arxiv:2403.14295

M. Heida, B. Jahnel, A.D. Vu, An ergodic and isotropic zero-conductance model with arbitrarily strong local connectivity,

Preprint available at arxiv:2403.06785

B. Jahnel, J. Köppl, Time-periodic behaviour in one- and two-dimensional interacting particle systems,

Preprint available at arxiv:2402.12300

B. Jahnel, U. Rozikov, Three-state $p$-SOS models on binary Cayley trees,

Preprint available at arxiv:2402.09839

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Central and decentral communication

Illustration of decentral and central communication.

The mobile phones are a Poisson point process in the square [0,400]^2 with intensity 0.000125 per m^2.

Illustration of first contact percolation

Simulation of the shape of the set of reachable devices from the origin scaled by the inverse time after 10 and 50 days in a device-to-device network on Z^2 with one random equally distributed contact per day on each edge and independence of contact times for different days and edges.