1 December – Andreas Thom: Equations over groups

The study of equations in the language of groups has a long history and many applications. Thom will explain how topological methods can be applied to solve equations over groups and also mention some recent advances in the study of identities for finite and infinite

2 November – “Science Slam” @BerlinScienceWeek

The Berlin Excellence Clusters are jointly organizing again a “SCIENCE SLAM” for the Berlin Science Week 2023. Last year’s SCIENCE SLAM showed how much fun we had and the interest we attracted for the research of the participating Excellence Clusters. Make sure not to miss

9 June – Sven Raum: Operator algebraic group theory

This talk is an invitation to modern aspects of the interaction of group theory and operator algebras. It focuses on simplicity and decomposition results for various algebras arising from groups and their interpretation in representation theoretic terms. Sven Raum is professor for algebra at the University