10 February – Stephen Wright: Optimization in Data Science

In this talk, Wright will discuss how formulation and algorithmic tools from optimization have been used to address problems in computational statistics, machine learning, and AI. Stephen J. Wright holds the George B. Dantzig Professorship, the Sheldon Lubar Chair, and the Amar and Balinder Sohi Professorship

27 January – Bruno Vallette: Why higher structures?

Over the past 50 years, higher algebraic structures have gradually been appearing in algebra, geometry, topology, and mathematical physics. hile classical structures, like associative, commutative or Lie algebras, are often defined by one operation, these new higher structures, like homotopy algebras or higher categories, are

18 November – MATH Day 2022

On 18 November, the next MATH+ Day will take place in person again at TU Berlin! We’ll start with the General Assembly (GA) in TU’s main building: besides the Chair report, a new Chair and Board will be elected. Afterwards, we’ll move to the Math

10 November – MATH+ at the Berlin Science Week: SCIENCE SLAM of the Berlin Clusters of Excellence

Young scientists of the Berlin Clusters of Excellence try everything to entertain their audience at the SCIENCE SLAM, regardless of whether the subject is mathematics (MATH+), neuroscience (NeuroCure), principles of intelligence (SCIoI), catalysis networks (UniSysCat), or political constitutions (SCRIPTS). The audience decides which presentation is