Breaking the Walls of Ignorance

On November 18 and 19, an international Colloquium celebrates Rupert Klein’s 60th Birthday at Zuse Institute Berlin. Congratulations! Rupert Klein is Professor for Numerical Fluid Mechanics at FU Berlin and member of the MATH+ Board. His research interests are in the fields of atmosphere flows,

Nov 06 – MATH+ @ Berlin Science Week

On Nov 01, the 4th Berlin Science Week will kick off. For ten days, scientists from Berlin and around the world will present their research and discuss it with each other and with the public. MATH+ is part of that event: 01 Nov, 7 p.m.

Dana Scott: Geometry without Points

Ever since the compilers of Euclid's Elements gave the "definitions" that "a point is that which has no part" and "a line is breadthless length", philosophers and mathematicians have worried that the basic concepts of geometry are too abstract and too idealized. In the 20th

BMS Orientation

7 - 11 October 2019 Program Monday, 7 October: BMS Overview 10:00 am (sharp!) - 3:00 pm, BMS Loft, Urania (directions to URANIA) Our BMS student representatives, professors and the BMS office team will be glad to meet you and share with you: 10:00 - 11:45 All you need to know

26-27 September 2019: Workshop Combinatorial Optimization

Combinatorial Optimization is an active research area that developed from the rich interaction among many mathematical fields, including combinatorics, graph theory, geometry, optimization, probability, theoretical computer science, and many others. It combines algorithmic and complexity analysis with a mature mathematical foundation and it yields both

Long Night of Science 2020

Welcome to the Long Night of Science, an annual event in Berlin and Potsdam: 06 June 2020 Each year, many research groups and institutes take part in this open day with an extensive program of events, in which numerous visitors take part. Further details you find here: