9 July – Carola-Bibiane Schönlieb: Mathematical imaging (together with an outlook on the upcoming TES “Mathematics of Imaging on Real-World Challenges”)

Starting with a discussion on the intrinsic structure of images and their mathematical representation, this talk will address some of these mathematical problems, including variational models for image analysis and their connection to partial differential equations and a new paradigm in mathematical imaging using deep

5 Feb – Sylvia Serfaty: Systems of points with Coulomb interactions

Large ensembles of points with Coulomb interactions arise in various settings of condensed matter physics, classical and quantum mechanics, statistical mechanics, random matrices and even approximation theory, and they give rise to a variety of questions pertaining to analysis, partial differential equations and probability. Sylvia Serfaty

22 Jan – Rolf Krause: Scales of knowledge

Complex coupled systems arise in medicine, science and engineering. Mathematically, these can be nonlinear coupled systems of PDEs or the nonconvex minimization problems found in deep learning. In this talk, we show how multi-scale approaches give a mathematical technique for accurate and efficient simulation of