4 November – Peter Scholze: Condensed Mathematics

In joint work with Dustin Clausen, the talk will introduce a potential replacement for topological spaces, called condensed sets, which resolves many of these foundational issues. Scholze will try to explain what condensed sets are, and how they improve on topological spaces. Peter Scholze is

1 July – Irit Dinur: P, NP, and Probabilistically Checkable Proofs

Dinur will talk about the PCP theorem and its many applications, and end by touching upon a surprising recent connection between PCPs and the so-called high-dimensional expanders, which are objects that come from pure math. The talk is also part of the Millennium Festival: https://die-7-grossten-abenteuer-der-mathematik.webflow.io

Celebrating Math

After too long a break, we invite you to celebrate Math with the MATH+ community. As part of the German-wide event series "The 7 Greatest Mathematical Adventures", we present a diverse program of talks and activities around the famous Millennium Prize Problem “P versus NP”.