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Predicting the Clinical Course of COVID-19 Patients

Project Heads

Marcus Weber, Tim Conrad

Project Members

Karina Tristan

Project Duration

01.01.2021 − 31.12.2021

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Prognostic tests for predicting COVID-19 clinical trajectories are urgently needed. Through the FAST consortium we have access to thousands of high-dimensional longitudinal data-sets from COVID-19 patients. In this project we will develop mathematical tools that can support medical doctors in decision making.

Related Publications

W. Bauer, M. Weber, E. Diehl-Wiesenecker, N. Galtung, R. Tauber, J. M. Schwenk, P. Micke, K. Kappert: Proteome fingerprint reveals pathophysiology and predicts course of COVID-19 patients, Submitted for publication

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Time series of protein concentrations of different COVID-19 patients with different clinical outcome

Different protein concentrations have been measured during clinical stay for different COVID-19 patient cohorts. We developed fingerprints that allow for discrimmination between these cohorts and predicting the probability for different clinical events.