Berlin Senator for Science, Dr. Ina Czyborra, visited MATH+

From left to right: Lars Oeverdieck, Martin Skutella, Nadja Wisniewski, Caren Tischendorf, Ina Czyborra, Michael Hintermüller, Christof Schütte, Sarah Wolf, Theo Roelofs/© MATH+

Dr. Ina Czyborra (SPD), the Berlin Senator for Science, Health and Care, will visit and get to know all seven Berlin Clusters of Excellence in the coming months. On 11 August 2023, her first visit took her to the Cluster of Excellence MATH+.


The three MATH+ Chairs, Michael Hintermüller (HU Berlin/WIAS), Christof Schütte (FU Berlin/ZIB), and Martin Skutella (TU Berlin), welcomed Dr. Czyborra together with Council Co-Chair Caren Tischendorf (HU Berlin), Junior Research Group Leader Sarah Wolf (FU Berlin), MATH+ Managing Director Nadja Wisniewski, and Research Liaison Dr. Theo Roelofs. Accompanied by Hans-Ulrich Lempert, Personal Advisor to the Senator, and Anselm Geiger, Officer for Research, Digitization and Cooperation in Higher Education, Ina Czyborra showed avid interest in the Cluster’s activities.


After Michael Hintermüller had explained the background, structure, and set-up of MATH+, Junior research group leader Sarah Wolf presented how she is using Decision Theatres to communicate her work with the public. The presentation initiated a lively discussion with the very interested Senator and the entire MATH+ delegation. The visit ended with Martin Skutella giving an overview of the future plans for the second round of the Excellence Strategy, pointing out which challenges lie ahead and where support from the Senate’s side could be helpful.


TU Berlin’s Vice-President Stephan Völker and TU Berlin’s Chancellor Lars Oeverdieck were representing the three applicant universities of MATH+ and showed the continued support the Cluster is receiving.


All parties involved are looking forward to future cooperation. MATH+ thanks the Senator for her time and visit!