Transforming the World

through Mathematics

Thematic Einstein Semester on

Mathematics of Imaging in Real-World Challenges

Berlin, Winter Semester 2021/22


Hans-Christian Hege (ZIB)
Michael Hintermüller (HU Berlin, WIAS)
Tobias Schäffter (TU Berlin, PTB)
Gabriele Steidl (TU Berlin)


Young Academy committee

Felix Ambellan (ZIB)
Robert Beinert (TU Berlin)
Christoph Kolbitsch (PTB)
Kostas Papafitsoros (WIAS)
Christoph von Tycowicz (FU Berlin, ZIB)

Note regarding the COVID-19 pandemic

At the moment we are optimistic that we will be able to organize the events of the semester in-person or in a hybrid in-person/online manner. In the unfortunate case that this will not be possible we will switch to a pure online format.


The semester is organized within the framework of the Berlin Mathematics Research Center Math+ and supported by the Einstein Foundation Berlin.

We are committed to fostering an atmosphere of respect, collegiality, and sensitivity. Please read our MATH+ Collegiality Statement.

Scope of the Semester

Mathematical image and data processing is a rapidly developing scientific field which involves an extremely rich spectrum of mathematical areas including inverse problems, mathematical optimization, harmonic and functional analysis, stochastics, partial differential equations and calculus of variations, geometry, morphology and topology. At the same time it requires interdisciplinary collaboration with computer scientists dealing with computer graphics, data visualization, machine learning and human-computer interaction as well as with researchers who determine the application-specific focus.

This special semester aims to bring together leading experts in these fields with young researchers and students to exchange ideas and participate in cutting-edge research, create synergies, enhance current trends and outline future directions.

A variety of activities are planned for the semester: A Kick-off Workshop on October 6-8, 2021, various targeted lectures and tutorials in Fall/Winter 2021/22, as well as events for students and young scientists organized by the Young Academy committee.

The Thematic Einstein Semester will conclude with the SIAM Conference on Imaging Science 2022, which will be held at TU Berlin from March 22nd to 25th, 2022.

Poster with the outline of the Kick-off workshop programme


8-10 October 2021Kick-off Workshop, TU Berlin
November 2021 - January 2022Three plenary talks (exact dates to be announced)
October 2021 - February 2022Three special tutorials (exact dates to be announced)
March 2022Hackathon event (exact date to be announced)
22-25 March 2022SIAM Conference on Imaging Science, TU Berlin

Kick-off Workshop

The Kick-off Workshop of the Thematic Einstein Semester on Mathematics of Imaging in Real-World Challenges will take place in TU Berlin on 6-10 October 2021. This event will bring together practitioners, biomedical engineers, computer vision and machine learning experts as well as applied mathematicians in order to exchange on the current developments in applications and theory of imaging science. This meeting will be designed to foster interdisciplinary collaborative teams in order to identify and address the most pressing issues in the field.

Apart from the invited talks, the Kick-off workshop will include a special section on Open Research & Open Access Software, a podium discussion on Data Science beyond Academia as well as a poster session for students and young researchers.

Registration details and further information will follow in May 2021.

Confirmed Speakers

Simon ArridgeUCL
Raymond H. ChanCity University of Hong Kong
Daniel CremersTU Munich
Marya DonevaPhillips Forschung Hamburg
Kerstin Hammernik Imperial College
Peter MaassUniversity of Bremen
Nina MiolaneStanford University
Bernhard PreimUniversity of Magdeburg
Tobias PreusserMEVIS
Daniel PottsTU Chemnitz
Daniel RückertTU Munich
Johannes SchindelinMicrosoft, Git
Katja SchladitzFraunhofer ITWM
Christoph SchnörrUniversity of Heidelberg
Tanja Teuber Carl Zeiss AG
Martin UeckerUniversity Medical Center Göttingen