Start of the Math Advent Calendar on 01 December! Motto This Year: “Thinking Math Globally – Exploring the World with the Math Elves!”

Treasure Hunt  | © Sonja Rörig / MATH+


Each December, when others hide chocolates, “Mathe im Leben” and MATH+ challenge children, school classes, university students, teachers, and everyone interested in tricky mathematical brainteasers. The two Math Advent Calendars invite you to discover the beauty and power of Math beyond the subjects covered in school. It starts on 01 December!


This year’s motto of the Math Advent Calendars is

“Thinking Math Globally – Exploring the World with the Math Elves!”


Who wouldn’t like to travel around the world? The Math Elves are curious and set out to explore the world in all its diversity. In the process, they encounter global challenges such as climate change, sustainable mobility, or our health. They also experience how Mathematics can be used to describe the complexity of our world and investigate social issues.


On, the digital Math Advent Calendars, organized by “Mathe im Leben” and MATH+, cover diverse areas of Mathematics while the Math Elves are traveling around the world from 01-24 December.


Whereas the Advent Calendar of “Mathe im Leben” focuses on younger students and classes from grades 4-9, the MATH+ Advent Calendar aims at older students and adults. It is released in German and English and has several thousands of dedicated participants from Germany, Europe, and worldwide. In a simple but fun way, the MATH+ Advent Calendar illustrates that Math is fascinating, creative, and useful. Every year, the puzzles are invented by MATH+ researchers and their colleagues from the Dutch initiative 4TU.AMI. Thus, the calendar of MATH+ provides fascinating insights into recent application-oriented mathematical research and the everyday professional life of mathematicians. Daily, from 1 to 24 December, one mathematical challenge will be published (at AND very important: The most diligent participants have the best chance to win one of many great prizes.


The project coordinator at MATH+ is Ariane Beier. Contact: <>.


More information about the MATH+ Advent Calendar

Read the joint press release (in German) of “Mathe im Leben”, MATH+” and the “Deutsche Mathematiker-Vereinigung“ (German Mathematical Society).