Interview with Martin Skutella, MATH+ Chair: Talking MATH+


In an interview with MATH+, Martin Skutella, MATH+ Chair from 2019 until the end of 2020, reviews the first two years of the Cluster of Excellence. He talked about the history behind the foundation, the challenges, and the goals MATH+ wants to pursue.


“We want to do mathematical research, and we want to develop mathematics that will turn out to be important for our world in the future. We want to bring mathematics in contact with many other disciplines; we want to use mathematics to solve real-world problems and make progress on important questions of our time. However, we cannot do this as mathematicians alone; we have to cooperate with people from other disciplines, with people from industry, and politics. This is one of the big goals of MATH+; to have a relevant impact in the real world.”


The interviews were conducted online on two days in German and English as MATH+ podcasts, which are in progress.


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