Covid-19 related research projects


On multiscale models for COVID-19 spreading

Project Heads

Dr. Nataša Djurdjevac Conrad (ZIB), Dr. Stefanie Winkelmann (ZIB), Prof. Dr. Christof Schütte (ZIB/FU Berlin)

Project Members

Johannes Zonker (FU Berlin/ZIB)

Cooperation Partner

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Zuse Institute Berlin, FU Berlin


Recently, epidemiological models have received lots of attention due to the COVID-19 pandemics. Within this project, we are developing new mathematical models for analyzing spreading processes and inferring which influences had an effect on the spreading dynamics. In particular, we are interested in models on different scales, e.g. stochastic agent-based models on a micro-scale, metapopulation models on a mesoscale and ODE-based models for well mixed populations on a macroscale. The problem of choosing the optimal model is always connected to balancing between the descriptive power of the model and its computational cost. We are working on derivation of mathematical relations between these models e.g. by using model reduction techniques, which could help in estimating an approximation error made by the choice of the model.


mathematical modelling, spatio-temporal spreading process, model reduction

More Information

Manuscript is in preparation

Project Type

MATH+ Project EF5-1 “Spreading of copper technology in ancient times”.

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