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BMS-BGSMath Junior Meeting 2024

June 26-28, 2024


You can register for the event at the following link. Google Forms Link

The registration deadline is: April 28, 2024.



The conference takes place in the Zuse Institute Berlin (ZIB) which is located in the southwestern part of Berlin.


How to Get There

As for public transportation, ZIB is most easily reached via the Dahlem Dorf subway station (U3, M11) or the bus stops Arnimallee (X83) and Limonenstr. (101), respectively. The site can be accessed from Arnimallee as well as from Altensteinstraße.

To get to ZIB from the airport, take the S45 to get to Südkreuz, from there with S46/S42 to Heidelberger Platz and finally with the U3 to Dahlem Dorf.


List of Plenary Speakers

  • María Ángeles García Ferrero, Instituto de Ciencias Matemáticas (ICMAT) [Partial Differential Equations]
  • Frank Trujillo, Centre de Recerca Matemàtica (CRM) [Dynamical Systems]
  • Thibaut Mazuir, Humboldt Universität zu Berlin, [Symplectic Geometry and Homotopical Algebra]
  • One more plenary speaker, from Berlin (TBA)


List of Speakers

(TBA. Note that there are already 9 confirmed student speakers from Barcelona.)


Conference Booklet


Preliminary Schedule

The event starts with a Pizza Night on June 25 to allow the participants from Barcelona and Berlin to get know each other.

Each day of the event starts with a 50 min plenary talk. This is then followed by 20 min talks by other speakers.

The talks are interspersed by Coffee Breaks to allow the students a break and an opportunity to socialize.

We also provide lunch to the registered participants in the afternoon.

On Thursday, there will be a session of “elevator talks”. Elevator talks are 3-5 min long talks to introduce one of your topics of interest in a casual and catchy way (slides with drawing and such are encouraged). In our experience it is a great conversation starter that will wonderfully lead into the social event. The exact duration will be determined when everyone has registered. Also, note that even if you are giving a regular talk, you can present one of your other interests in an elevator talk.

The event concludes on Friday with the participants joining in the MATH+ Friday which is the bi-weekly colloquium of the MATH+ community with world-wide renowned speakers.


Detailed Program


  Tue, Jun 25 Wed, Jun 26 Thu, Jun 27 Friday, Jun 28  
09:00-09:30   Welcome PLENARY PLENARY 09:00-09:30
09:30-10:00   PLENARY 09:30-10:00
10:00-10:30   Coffee Break Coffee Break 10:00-10:30
10:30-11:00   Coffee Break Talk Talk 10:30-11:00
11:00-11:30   Talk Talk Talk 11:00-11:30
11:30-12:00   Talk Talk Lunch Break 11:30-12:00
12:00-12:30   Talk Lunch Break 12:00-12:30
12:30-13:00   Lunch Break 12:30-13:00
13:00-13:30   What is…? Seminar 13:00-13:30
13:30-14:00   13:30-14:00
14:00-14:30   POSTDOC* Talk MATH+ Friday 14:00-14:30
14:30-15:00   POSTDOC* Talk Talk 14:30-15:00
15:00-15:30   Talk Talk 15:00-15:30
15:30-16:00   Talk Coffee Break   15:30-16:00
16:00-16:30   Coffee Break Talk   16:00-16:30
16:30-17:00   Talk Talk   16:30-17:00
17:00-17:30   Talk Short break   17:00-17:30
17:30-18:00   Talk Elevator Talk   17:30-18:00
18:00-22:00 Arrival & Pizza night   Pizza night   18:00-22:00

(*) The number of postdoc talks is flexible and will be relative to the number of actually registered postdoc speakers.

Organizing Committee

Barcelona Team: Ana Belen de Felipe, Judit Chamorro, Robert Cardona

Berlin Team: Fawzy Hegab, Gerard Bargallo i Gomez, Georgi Mitsov, Kartikey Sharma, Lizaveta Manzhulina, Nicolas Weiss, Nikola Sadovek, Sandro Roch

Contact: In case of any questions regarding the conference organization, please reach out to us via the email address mentioned in the registration form. Of course, you can also contact us directly.

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