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Postdocs & Researchers

If you are a postdoctoral researcher at one of the MATH+ participating institutions, and you would like to become a MATH+ member, please follow this guide on how to apply for membership.


Information by the Postdoc Representatives on being a MATH+ member


MATH+ Postdocs & Researchers are often asked to become mentors to Phase II students. You can learn more about our Mentoring program here:


* denotes a second affiliation

HU Berlin, Department of Mathematics

Shubham Dwivedi
Luise Fehlinger
Cécile Gachet
Janusz Ginster
Joshua Lam
Fabian Lehmann
Thibaut Mazuir
Maximilian Schade
Stephan Schultz
Jieao Song
Andreas Thiel
Dinyu Yang


U Potsdam, Institute of Mathematics