Dana Scott: Geometry without Points

Ever since the compilers of Euclid's Elements gave the "definitions" that "a point is that which has no part" and "a line is breadthless length", philosophers and mathematicians have worried that the basic concepts of geometry are too abstract and too idealized. In the 20th

MATH+ welcomes new BMS students

The traditional BMS Orientation for phase I and II students took place from October 07-11. BMS student representatives, lecturers and the BMS office team gave an overview of everything worth knowing about studying at the BMS. On a Campus Tour, the students got first orientation

MATH+ Mourns the Loss of Peter Deuflhard

On 22 September 2019, Professor Peter Deuflhard passed away at the age of 75. Berlin mathematics has lost a highly respected colleague and wonderful person. Born in Bavaria, Peter Deuflhard studied physics at TU München. After he received his diploma in 1968, he went to the

Cancelled – Long Night of Science 2020

Welcome to the Long Night of Science, an annual event in Berlin and Potsdam: 06 June 2020 Each year, many research groups and institutes take part in this open day with an extensive program of events, in which numerous visitors take part. Further details you find here: https://www.langenachtderwissenschaften.de

BMS Summer School 2019 on Mathematics of Deep Learning

August 19-30, at Zuse Institute Berlin Deep learning (DL) methodologies are currently showing tremendous success in a variety of applications. The BMS Summer School will offer lectures by international experts on both the theory of deep neural networks, on related questions such as generalization, expressivity, or